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R. Mac Holbert’s "Nash Editions Master Class"

The Dirty Dozen: Eliminating Common Imaging Mistakes

When it come to fine art printing R. Mac Holbert along with Graham Nash started it all. If it was not for them fine art inkjet printing would not be what is today. Simply put Nash Editions is THE name in fine art printing and R. Mac Holbert is the talent behind that name. This DVD is the first of R. Holbert’s Nash Editions Master Class. This is a truly unique opportunity to have access to the knowledge of one of the pioneering innovators of digital imaging.

Have you ever printed an image only to find you’ve overlooked a minor but critical mistake? Or have you made a small print, only to find a larger print shows issues that need to be fixed in Photoshop? Whether you print your own images or send them to a service, this Nash Editions Master Class DVD is an invaluable lesson on eliminating twelve common imaging mistakes. Distilled from 18 years of printmaking experience these elementary mistakes are made routinely, not only by the neophyte, but by the seasoned professional as well. Learning to avoid them will save you time, printing costs and ultimately will enable you to more precisely realize your vision on paper.

Learn how to correct contaminated neutrals with only one layer, doing the work of 4 -5 color correction layers. Learn how mid-tone contrast can add dimension to your images. Get these and other techniques on your workflow checklist, integrate them into your workflow and take your images from the ordinary to the extra-ordinary.

Topics include:

  • Destructive Workflow
  • Oversharpening
  • Midtone Contrast
  • Image Alignment
  • Imprecise Cropping
  • Bad Masking
  • Contaminated Neutrals
  • Unreasonable File Size
  • Untagged Files
  • Cross Purpose Layers
  • Incorrect Layer Stack
  • File Extension Issues

Plus a bonus chapter on configuring Wacom Cintiq and 3 button mouse presets!

Price: $59.95

Additional information at: www.nasheditions.com