Unleashing the RAW Power of Capture NX2

“Capture NX2 unlocks my creativity in ways I never imagined. Using this software, the impossible becomes just an opinion. Capture NX2 is a RAW processor that allows you to be in the 21st century.”

-- Vincent Versace

With this DVD set you will quickly learn the new features of NX2! You will also learn the “why and how to” of the features from a professional photographer’s perspective. Then, go beyond the features and learn to use NX2 as a powerful creative tool to aesthetically enhance your images. This DVD set delivers this unique combination of content and implementation, allowing you to unleash the RAW power of NX2 as well as your creativity. You will want to listen and watch the DVDs many times to absorb and integrate it all!

Disc 1: Pixel Bootcamp 2.0

This is the best way to learn Capture NX2! Vincent shows you how the program works, including the user interface and new 2.0 features. Embedded in the content is not only the nuts and bolts of NX2, but also a workflow approach from a photographer’s perspective. Learn not only the features, but when and why to use them. Learn the 100% non-destructive workflow with RAW data, working on both global and local granular adjustments to your images. Be prepared to say “Wow” as you learn to control color and light by creating complex masks on the fly without brushes, selections or curves, letting the software do the heavy lifting. Learn how to enhance images in file sizes that are not hundreds of megabytes, but tens of megabytes, saving you disk space and processing time. The enhanced feature set of NX2 is extraordinarily powerful and you will learn how to take advantage of its potential.


  • Toolbar
  • User Interface
  • Metadata
  • Black & White Points
  • Color Control Point
  • Auto Retouch Brush
  • Selection Control Point
  • Selection Tools
  • Edit List
  • Printing
  • Edit Adjust
  • Batch

Disc 2: From Here to There in less than an Eternity: Advanced Image Editing Workflows

One of the biggest challenges with photographic software is knowing when to use specific features on an image. In this DVD, learn how to creatively use the NX2 features in your work. Vincent pulls all the features together for you as he applies the NX2 tools to real images. Watch these images transform in front of your eyes! It’s not only fun to watch, but it will open your mind to possibilities that you can then apply to your own images. For those interested in infrared (IR), Vincent has expanded upon the IR segment in the first Capture NX DVD set, and in this DVD covers three different types of IR and the benefits of each. Learn more about IR, including how to shoot for maximum detail and how to make the choices in NX2 to maximize the captured detail. In addition, you will see images of clouds and flowers, and will learn to combine several features to create more powerful images than you would have thought possible within a RAW file. Also, you will learn how to retouch a photograph to get a classic black and white look. Get the full understanding of the why of the technique and how it fits in to the workflow so that you can apply them to your own images.


  • Standard IR
  • Enhanced IR
  • Deep Black IR
  • Clouds
  • Flowers
  • Portraits

This DVD Set is for you…

  • If you want to learn NX2 and quickly get up to speed on its features.
  • If you have NX2 as well as other imaging programs, you will learn those very special features that you will most definitely want to do within NX2, learning how to use them and understanding why you want to do them within NX2.

If you have Vincent’s first Capture NX DVD set, you will appreciate the new 2.0 feature presentation but also the advanced image editing workflow that is sure to open your mind to new possibilities!